PT Mandiri Citra Utama

Welcome to PT Mandiri Citra Utama. We are a company that established since 2004 engaged in industrial Level Measurement, Valves, Flow Meter Instruments, calibration, , Ball valve, Gate Valve, Air Vent valve, Pressure gauge OIL, BUTTERFFLY VALVE PVC, Globe valve PN, ANGLE VALVES, FLEXIBLE RUBBER, CHECK VALVE CAST IRON 10K, WAFER CHECK VALVE, Hydrant Valves, 3 WAY PLUG VALVES, FLANGE LAS, GLOBE VALVE 10K , 5K, Elbow Las Sgp Sch 40, BALL VALVE 10K, Y STARINER CAST IRON 10K, Ball Valve Compressor, KATALOGUE ONDA, SIMPLEX STRAINER FOR MARINE, SAFETY VALVE, Elbow Tee Reducerlas Sgp Sch , Strainer Bronze, SINGLE DISC SWING CHECK VALVE SUS 304, FLOATING VALVE STAINLESS BALL, BALL VALVE 3WAY BRONZE, GATE VALVE BRONZE, WATER METER FLANGE TYPE, CHECK VALVE BRASS, BUTERFLY VALVE TOYO BRAND, PRESSURE REDUCING VALVE, FOOT VALVE STAINLESS STEEL, GATE MERK TOYO, CHECK VALVES TOYO, GATE VALVES BRONZE, GATE VALVES PN 16, GATE VALVES 5K, WATER HAMMERS, BOX WATER METER, RESILIENT GATE VALVE, FOOT VALVES MIZU, WATER METER VERTICAL, WATER METER HORIZONTAL, WATER METER AMICO, yone valves. We were in Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta Komplek Ruko 141 Blok. D no. 7 Email: , Discover the variety of our best products (Valve, METER AIR) with quality and the best price you can get.